The Norwegian Food Foundation

Pioneering Quality and Diversity in Norwegian Food Production!

Welcome to The Norwegian Food Foundation, an independent institution established by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food in 2007. Our core mission? To bolster the diversity, quality, and value creation in the realm of Norwegian food production.

Who We Are

With a dedicated team of 17 professionals based in Oslo, The Norwegian Food Foundation is split into two key departments:

The Quality Department: Spearheading quality assurance through the agricultural internal control system, known as KSL, we ensure the highest standards in Norwegian food production.

The Communication Department: Keeping the public informed and passionate about Norwegian produce is our forte. From marketing our certification trademarks to engaging in direct consumer communication, our efforts are relentless.

Our Endeavors

  • Certification Trademarks: To aid consumers in making informed food choices, we manage three pivotal certification trademarks: Nyt Norge, Beskyttede betegnelser (Protected Designations), and Spesialitet (Specialty).
  • Local Food Producers: Apart from quality assurance, we’re actively involved in the professionalization of local food and drink producers. We also proudly operate the largest Norwegian portal for local food and drink producers,
  • Agricultural Quality System (KSL): Ensuring standards, overseeing quality, and granting certifications are part and parcel of our mandate.
  • Inn på Tunet : Our foundation is responsible for the certification of farms under this scheme.
  • Organic Production Information: We undertake the crucial task of providing fact-based information on organic production in Norway through our website,

Recognitions & Awards

We’re proud custodians of the «Ingrid Espelid Hovig’s Food Culture Award», further enhancing our commitment to Norwegian food culture.

A Legacy in Food Excellence

The Norwegian Food Foundation, previously known as the Stiftelsen Matmerk, has a rich history and an unwavering commitment. Our initiative remains clear – to inspire every individual to choose Norwegian food and drink, celebrating its quality, diversity, and rich heritage.

Join us in our journey to ensure the best of Norwegian food reaches every plate!